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Reno Guide + Spec Book Bundle

Don’t need professional design but want a roadmap to reno success? Get our signature Reno Guidebook + Spec Book.
This is our secret sauce — the key to reno success. Our Reno Guidebook and Spec Book help you select the right materials, colors, and fixtures for your bathroom and help you communicate those detailed specs to your GC. Hello, smooth sailing!
important details:

  • Each section of the Guidebook directly corresponds to the same section in the Spec Book (look for the icons that make it easy!)
  • Books are intentionally different orientations, so you don't get them confused
  • The Guidebook helps you make decisions, and the Spec Book helps you communicate those decisions about each item. This precise, clear communication leads to a successful project outcome
  • Books are printable and entirely b&w (but not short on style)

this bundle includes:
Your Renovation Guidebook is an info-packed PDF that will help you make smart selections based on your specific bathroom, budget, and needs. It will also help you navigate future conversations with your General Contractor as your reno progresses. Your Guidebook includes:

  • Detailed information and description/glossary of key terms relating to Paint, Fixed Materials, Plumbing Hardware, Vanities, Light Fixtures and Misc. Hardware
  • Detailed drawings for fail-safe installation of multiple sizes of Vanity Components and key Shower Measurements

Your Spec Book is where you will record your final selections and eventually present it to your General Contractor for a bid and implementation. Precision is key to clear communication and implementation, and we’ve made it effortless! Your Spec Book includes:

  • Blank worksheets organized by item type (such as Color selections or Vanity specs) for easy recording
  • Outlines ALL necessary decisions and information required for reno success
  • Includes pages for optional Stand Alone Shower & Freestanding Tub for Primary Bath design

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