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The Bennett Design Kit (TX)

$595.00 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

Bennett is a play in opposites—but that’s what makes him so cheeky! On one hand, he’s cabin chic, with woodsy vibes, shower tile in rich forest green, and a warm clay-colored rug. On the other, he’s joyfully preppy, with show-stopping plaid floors in bold black and white. For a fun yet timeless bathroom your household will fight over, Bennett is your guy.
this kit is…
Woodsy cabin chic with a preppy twist
Fun-loving and adventurous
Timeless, modern, and grounded
Best with hiking boots + the scent of juniper
this kit includes…
1. Bathroom Design Mood Board

  • Your mood board includes all of the specified items shown together for a snapshot view of what your final bathroom layout will look and feel like. Hello, beautiful.

2. Clickable Shopping List for Items & Materials
Your Design Kit shopping list includes quality selections at multiple price tiers for the following items:

  • All hardscape materials: floor tile, wall tile, niche tile, grout selections, countertop, schluter
  • Stand alone vanity and/or paint color for a custom cabinetry design of your choice
  • Mirror
  • Sink (if not included with a vanity)
  • Cabinet Hardware (if not included with a vanity)
  • Wall Hooks & Towel/TP Fixtures
  • Wall Color
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Bonus: Option for a stand alone shower + shower floor tile
  • Bonus: Option for a freestanding tub
  • Bonus: Art & Styling items (like Shower Curtain, Rugs, Wall Shelves, Framed Art, etc.)

3. Renovation Guidebook

  • Your Renovation Guidebook is an info-packed PDF that will help you make smart selections from the shopping list above based on your specific bathroom, budget, and needs. It will also help you navigate future conversations with your General Contractor as your reno progresses.

4. Renovation Spec Book

  • Your Spec Book is where you will record your final selections (from said shopping list) and eventually present it to your General Contractor for a bid and implementation. Precision is key to clear communication and implementation, and we’ve made it effortless!

5. Renderings, Technical Drawings & Styling Guide

  • Color Renderings of a Standard American Bathroom (Multiple elevations & a floorplan)
  • Technical line drawings with recommended installation location & measurements for items on the shopping list

6. Live Q&A with Interior Designers, Shawna & Kennedi

  • We hold one Live Q&A via Zoom the month after each season’s Design Kits retire… which gives you a month or more to gather any questions from bathroom design for different layouts to upcoming bathroom design trends!

Please note: By purchasing this design kit, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.